U.S. Botanic Garden - Staff Directory

A team of approximately 65 employees work at the U.S. Botanic Garden in four divisions: Administration, Public Programs, Horticulture and Operations.


Saharah Moon Chapotin, Ph.D. Executive Director (202) 225-1110 schapotin@aoc.gov
Susan Pell, Ph.D. Deputy Executive Director (202) 225-1269 spell@aoc.gov
Nick Nelson Landscape Architect (202) 226-8680 nnelson@aoc.gov
Ray Mims Partnerships, Sustainability, and Conservation Horticulturist / Specialist (202) 226-4067 rmims@aoc.gov


Bill McLaughlin Plant Curator (202) 438-7067 wmclaugh@aoc.gov
Jim Adams Horticulture Manager (202) 695-5232 james.adams@aoc.gov
Frank Brooks Supervisory Horticulturalist fbrooks@aoc.gov
Jim Willmott Plant Health Coordinator jwillmot@aoc.gov
Kyle Wallick Botanist (202) 226-5882 kwallick@aoc.gov

Public Programs

Laura Anthony Congressional Events (202) 226-7674 lanthony@aoc.gov
Elizabeth Barton Volunteer Coordinator (202) 226-8066 elizabeth.barton@aoc.gov
Lee Coykendall Children's Education Specialist (202) 226-1117 lcoykend@aoc.gov
Theresa Dahlman Visual Information Specialist
Devin Dotson Public Affairs and Exhibits Specialist (202) 226-4145 ddotson@aoc.gov
Maura Nelson Education Specialist, Accessibility (202) 226-1047 mnelson@aoc.gov
Libby Rhoads Public Programs Supervisor (202) 226-8038 erhoads@aoc.gov
Alexandra Torres Education Specialist (202) 226-2435 atorres@aoc.gov